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Ethics Concern in Criminal Justice Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Ethics Concern in Criminal Justice - Term Paper Example This fact has led to a lot of misunderstanding between students and the disciplinary faculties of institutions. These cases have become common since some of the academic ethics tend to contradict the students' rights, thus, resulting in some form of a dilemma (Hendrick 2000). These situations always make students find it difficult to differentiate between what is right and wrong. For instance, one of the academic ethics states that students should not cheat during any exam or test. Cheating here includes things like plagiarism among others. It is notable that a student might have done his personal research on the Internet and got the right answers. But it may be because he never cited his work properly the instructor might declare his work plagiarized. This action taken by the instructor might go against the student’s right to fair treatment due to the fact that the student got the question right, but the instructor degraded him because of improper citations. The other aspect might also come as a fact that the student was a slow learner and never got the concept of citation during the class time, yet the instructor assumed that every student understood the concept. Ethics Applied to Social Behavior Different people from various kinds of walks do have different behaviors. It is also notable that some behavior might affect other people negatively. This negative effect might then force the need of coming up with a solution for the affected ones. However, as much as there will be a need for coming up with a measure to control this behavior, the right of an individual to have a fond behavior should also not be violated (Bergman-Rosaman & Phythian 2011). A perfect example is that of smokers. It is clear that the law allows them to smoke, yet not everyone is ok with the smell of the cigarette smoke. This will then imply that as much as the law allows them to smoke cigarettes, they will need to ethically behave when smoking by isolating themselves in the smoking zones. Consequently, the act of isolating themselves when smoking tends to deny their right to free movement implying that the act is unfair to them (Sutch, 2001). Ethical Injustices that Might Arise When an Individual Is on I nternship Individuals are often subjected to more ethical dilemmas when they change places of work or when they join a new institution or organization. This is mainly because they might be unaware of the cultures and routines of these new environments. The main reason for this is always because some ethical behavior that they might have been used to in their initial institutions or organization might be immoral to the new organization, thus, making them face a dilemma (Bergman-Rosaman & Phythian 2011). Eventually they might forget that they are in a new environment and behave in accordance with their previous institution’s ethics which might be immoral to the new institution. This might then force the institution to subject them to harsh consequences just because of their ignorance or forgetful human nature. This can tend to be unfair to them. For instance, an individual who is used to a casual outfit might find it difficult to adapt to

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